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The polymers, additives, colorants and compounds we offer are used as finished products in sectors of various industrial productions, including:


Agriculture   Over the past few decades, the use of plastics in agriculture has grown dramatically. Farmers who use plastic films recogn...

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Automotive industry   Various polymers and compounds are widely used in the automotive industry - to improve the functionality of the car's...

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Building and construction   The construction industry is constantly improving and evolving to meet the growing demands for modern urbanizat...

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Electrical and electronics

Electrical and electronics   Designers nowadays are looking for highly effective materials that provide strength and durability, while look...

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Cable and wire industry

Cable and wire industry   For more than 15 years, we have been working with our customers, offering proven solutions and materials for the ...

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Pipes   Starting from the raw material to the dye, we can offer complete solutions for the production of pipes. The variety of materials is...

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Elastomers   Elastomers are polymers characterized by high elasticity that allow them to regain their original shape even after having been...

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Packaging and film production

Packaging and film production   The films and packaging industry is one of the largest in the plastics industries – if not the larges...

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Household products

Household products   Based on the experience gained over the years, we understand the challenges that the industry is facing today: decreas...

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Cosmetics   Eye shadows, shaving gels, mascaras, lipsticks, lip glosses, skin and hair care products rely on plastics for protection and lo...

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Medical Industry

Medical Industry   From the essential products used in the manufacture of life saving drugs and medicines, to drug delivery systems and pha...

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3D Printing

3D Printing   Following the new tendencies and processing technologies on the market, with our portfolio we are able to supply our customer...

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