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Conductive compounds

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Compounds for Thermal and Electrical conductivity


We can offer you a range of conductive and thermal compounds offering customers effective enhanced performance solutions to the design engineering challenges from electrical and thermal conductivity that a plastic component can face in in electrical and electronics, automotive, consumer and industrial products and packaging, storage and distribution end use applications.

Electrical compounds range – for applications where varying degrees of permanent electrical conductivity are required. Available as standard in PS, PC/ABS, PP, PA and PE (for film to 75 micron).

Four standard grades are available for rigid plastic containers and flexible sheet or film packaging, higher service temperature applications and where tougher, higher impact performance is required.


Features & Benefits


  • A range of surface resistivity and polymer processing grade options
  • Guaranteed conductive performance carbon black based bespoke formulations
  • Enhanced static dissipation and electrical conductive performance
  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Enhanced process capability
  • Excellent weldability and aesthetics


Thermal compounds range 


Developed to offer design engineers alternative material solutions to metals or ceramics by overcoming the low thermal conductivity of polymers, using thermally conductive filler components in compound formulations.


Features & Benefits


  • Custom formulated compounds to meet specific application needs
  • Enables designers to specify a lightweight, non-corrosive, plastic component
  • Inherent low thermal expansion coefficient lowers moulded part shrinkage
  • Overcomes heat build-up in electrical components
  • Can reduce mould cycle times and improve processability
  • Increases service life and improves part efficacy in use

Conductive compounds