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Accepting our responsibility, we at MM Polytrade are committed to reduce all оf our possible environmental impacts. Our commitment to reduce our own carbon footprint, including safe and sustainable practices are also embedded in the day-to-day work and choice of partners. Our preferred suppliers of raw materials and services are companies that can demonstrate with evidence their commitment to environmental protection and best practices beyond the minimum standards set by environmental legislation and regulations (e.g. ISO 14001 or other equivalent).

We would also like to highlight our actions on the following points:

  • Development and promotion of business activities around products contributing to the circular economy;
  • Awareness raising through seminars and staff training;
  • Recycling of the used ink cartridges, paper, batteries and light bulbs;
  • Separate sorting and recycling of waste in our recreation and work areas;
  • Optimization of heating and air conditioning systems;
  • Add an environmental checkmark to our email signatures;

Did you know ?

  • Without EPS packaging, would energy consumption double compared to their alternative?
  • Does insulating foam in construction save 2400 million tons of greenhouse gases during its life cycle?
  • Has the use of plastic compound panels in Swiss trains led to a 25% weight reduction and correspondingly significant energy savings?
  • Recycling just one plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a 60W light bulb for six hours?


Plastics are amazing materials, that can also bring many benefits to communities. For example, plastic pipes can carry water to drought-ridden areas, keep food fresh for longer, help planes use less fuel or improve the efficiency of electric cars. We at MM Polytrade have always been ready to participate and contribute to environmental protection processes and our desire is to promote a sensible and sound policy that will allow us to contribute to environmental protection and the improvement of our environment and society, believing that plastics will also play a crucial role in building a sustainable future.