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Black masterbatches

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Black masterbatches


Identifying the correct type of black, whether a specific carbon black, graphite, graphene or pigment dye, requires wide-ranging expertise. As well as supplying general-purpose black masterbatches, we have the technical competence to create specific functionality, such as UV protection or enhanced appearance, taking into account your particular requirements in terms of polymer type, and short-term dynamic or long-term mechanical performance, for a wide range of applications. The masterbatches produced by our partners are used with confidence throughout the polymer industry for interior, exterior and high performance engineering product applications; these include consumer and industrial end use plastic products ranging from blown film packaging and outdoor agricultural films to injection moulded under the bonnet automotive components.
UV stability, resistance to high temperatures and friction reduction are just some of the properties specified for customers’ end products. The carbon black type and % content used in the formulation of each grade is expertly adjusted to enhance product performance, provide reliable quality and improve processing to reduce time and production costs.

Per customers request, we can develop new grade of black masterbatch products to meet specified international food contact, toy and waste packaging regulations.


Our black masterbatch product range includes:


  • Black masterbatches available on stock with different carriers – polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE), polypropylene (PPH, PPC, PPR) and styrenics (GPPS, HIPS, ABS, SAN)
  • Ultra-High Performance Black masterbatch – for PPS, PPSU, PPA and PEEK.
  • High Performance Engineering Black masterbatch – for Polyamide/ Nylon PA, PET, PBT, PC etc.
  • HDPE Pipe Compounds – special masterbatches and compounds for production of high pressure gas and water PE pipes
  • Near Infra-Red (NIR) & Metal Detection masterbatches – for flexible and rigid black plastics
  • Black Universal masterbatch grades
  • Black Stock masterbatch grades
  • Tailor Made Black masterbatch products – custom formulated to order




  • High quality carbon blacks – specification type tailored to polymer grade, process and application
  • Wide choice of high performance functional additives to deliver required attributes
  • High carbon black dispersion – down to 15 microns for film extrusion
  • Improved processing performance – compounding/ extrusion/ thermoforming/ roto and injection moulding
  • Batch to batch consistency
  • Outstanding UV stability
  • Recyclable and sustainable product options




  • Wide choice of standard and tailor made products and functionality to meet customer needs for reliable, high quality black masterbatch products and customer service
  • Reliable, high quality white masterbatch products and customer service
  • Problem solving technical expertise and customer support
  • Enhanced end use product performance
  • Improved surface finish and fewer defects
  • Higher output and reduced production costs
  • Lower energy costs


Our partners are IATF 16949:2016 automotive quality management accredited.

Black masterbatches