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Biodegradable masterbatches

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Bio-Degradable and Compostable Masterbatches


Today’s consumers are demanding that polymers used in manufacturing be biodegradable and compostable.  Our partners’ standard and custom-made color masterbatches and compounds are compatible with all biodegradable carriers, including PLA, PHA/PHB, PBS, PBAT, and more. They have also developed solutions that enhance the performance, properties, processing and stability of such resins.
We support a wide spectrum of applications, from flexible to rigid, durable to disposable, transparent to opaque, harnessing our expertise and knowhow in the fields of polymer colors and additive masterbatches and compounds, to develop similar solutions for the sustainable market.

Our supplied biodegradable masterbatches, and all components, pigments and additives, are certified according to the latest biodegradability and composability regulations and requirements (for example, EN 13432 and ASTM D6400). In addition, our biodegradable solutions are also certified under all other market relevant regulations, including FC, REACH, Toys, RoHS and more.

Biodegradable masterbatches