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MM Polytrade to start distributing the portfolio of Tosaf Fusion for Bulgaria

MM Polytrade to start distributing the portfolio of Tosaf Fusion for Bulgaria

MM Polytrade to start distributing the portfolio of Tosaf Fusion for Bulgaria

We are thrilled to share exciting news as our range of products is expanding with the portfolio of Tosaf Fusion of impact modifiers for PA, compatibilizers for PP and HFFR cable compounds, as well as adhesive tie layers for PE applications in agriculture and packaging. These products complement the portfolio of our partners of Tosaf Compounds, Afula (Israel), making it the only company in the world to produce both masterbatches and grafted polymers.

Expanding Capacities for Unmatched Excellence:

In response of the of the high demand for their cutting-edge solutions, Tosaf Fusion is on the move, relocating their production to a sprawling 7000 m² facility in Israel's Alon Tavor industrial area. With additional production lines and the unwavering support of Tosaf's high production capacities, logistics, and storage capabilities, Tosaf Fusion is poised to elevate their product portfolio and ensure the delivery of high-quality solutions to their valued customers.

Pioneering Grafted Polymers with Modern Chemistry:

As a specialist in grafted polymers, the company uses advanced chemical processes to create completely new polymers with improved properties by incorporating functional molecules. Compounders use them as coupling agents in the production of material composites, such as glass fiber reinforced plastics, wood-plastic composites (WPC) or aluminum-polymer compounds. In addition, Tosaf Fusion has extensive know-how in the impact modification of polyamides and adhesives for multilayer films.

Innovative Solutions Across Industries:

Tosaf Fusion doesn't just stop there. Their product lineup includes compatibilizers enhancing the properties of recycled materials, making it easier to utilize scrap materials effectively This way, manufacturers can increase the use of recycled materials, promoting sustainability and reducing plastic waste.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs:

One of Tosaf Fusion's standout strengths is their ability to customize solutions according to specific requirements. Whether it's tailoring flow properties or adhesion promoter concentrations, Tosaf Fusion ensures that each product meets the unique demands of their customers.